Marie France : “Big data has inspired it”

Marie France : “Big data has inspired it”


The human resources sector still has never been revolutionized by technology. Its management tools are based on the only information available about paths and skills, without any overall vision of the company or its environment.

We don’t place enough value on transversality between jobs, for example. Yet, they exist on a certain hierarchical level.

I founded Clustree in 2014 in order to offer an algorithm that lists millions of career paths of professionals all over the world, across all business sectors, and identifies the paths that work, the transversalities that exist.

With my colleagues, we have developed an algorithmic expertise that suggests matches between talents, positions, and careers based on this analysis of millions of paths, and brings a fact-based position to companies. This is customer companies’ data, but it’s also data that is available on social networks and on the web.

It reconnects human resources and performance and offers customer company employees something other than a “job exchange.” Clustree allows each person to get position suggestions based on their potential and untapped value, and not just on their skills, by studying similar career paths nationally and internationally.

Everybody wins here: the employee who can clearly see new prospects in their career development; and the manager, for whom suggestions are based on facts: these career paths exist outside the company and can be reproduced within the company.