Gartner : Clustree was named " Cool Vendor 2016 "

COMMUNIQUE Paris le 26/04/2016

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Clustree is the premier SaaS service for mobilizing big data to analyze career paths. Clustree helps Human Resources professionals to clearly see intelligent solutions, giving them the data that can factually support their decisions.

Specializing in Talent Management Intelligence, Clustree has been named as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in its new report, “Cool Vendors, 2016”.
Published on April 25, 2016, under the direction of Bruno Lakehal, Stephanie Baghdassarian, Isabelle Durand, Helen Poitevin, and Dionisio Zumerle, the report underlines the strong innovative trends in France, seen through initiatives such as La French Tech.

The report highlights the need for Human Resources to “become more strategic and data-driven in its approach to careers”.

It also discusses Clustree as a “unique” solution thanks to our “automatic handling of languages, machine learning and predictive analysis that goes beyond simply finding talent, supporting the internal mobility of talent and addressing numerous HR issues.”

The announcement of Clustree as part of the Gartner Cool Vendor list comes just a few months after the closing of Clustree’s €2.5M fundraising round led by Alven Capital and business angels including Xavier Niel and Nicolas Brusson. It also follows Clustree’s being voted the “European HR Start-up of the Year” during the HR Tech World Congress last October.

Clustree is the leader in France in utilizing big data to aid in HR decisions. Clustree’s solution helps HR managers in major French corporations daily, providing reasoning for their decisions through a factual approach and allowing them to concentrate on the qualitative management of talent, without any technical or analytical restraints.

Clustree analyzes over 200 million career pathways throughout the world, in all industries. This analysis enlightens HR decisions with proof gathered from the factual and undeniable realities that exist outside of any particular company.

Connected to the HRIS and other applications within the enterprise, the Clustree solution is composed of complementary data-driven modules that cover various aspects of HR: internal mobility, redeployment, staffing, internal recruitment, integrating new positions, employee retention, etc.
Clustree’s solution is centralized and secure, bringing together the needed data so that the HR department can exercise judgement in making pertinent and justifiable Talent Management decisions.

Clustree’s goal is to bring down the barriers between careers, to favor transversality, and to rethink the accepted way of doing things, so that companies can stop recruiting stereotypical profiles and start recruiting adaptable knowledge - all through the use of data.

“We’re very proud to be named one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors for 2016. It is confirmation that making HR decisions based upon the analysis of millions of profiles taken from across the world is becoming a significant and prioritized aspect of managing human capital in major companies,” said Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, CEO and founder of Clustree. “Thanks to our unique technology, we can put our expertise to use with large businesses that wish to become more strategic and data-driven in their approach to HR.”

About Gartner’s Cool Vendors

Gartner’s Cool Vendors list is not an exhaustive list of companies in any given technological sector, but rather includes those vendors, products and services that are truly interesting, new and innovative. Gartner does not provide any guarantee, explicit or implicit, regarding this research, including any guarantee of the quality of merchandise or the suitability of any given usage.
Gartner defines as a “Cool Vendor” a company that is offering new technologies or solutions that allow users to do things that they could not do before; that is capable of having a significant commercial impact (rather than being technology for technology’s sake); and that is interesting, having generated interest or curiosity at Gartner during the past six months.

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