Frenchweb : Clustree, big data applied to the research of talents in companies

Frenchweb : Clustree, big data applied to the research of talents in companies

Yet another talent management solution? Clearly not. Clustree is a tool for matching profiles, which is based on the analysis of millions of pieces of data on the professional career paths of talents who are looking for a new adventure.

Addressed primarily to companies with more than 2000 employees, the solution targets the HRD and the directors of the strategy to find the diamond in the rough, internally. They benefit from a score sheet that allows them to view resources and untapped - or even unidentified - potential…

15 million profiles analyzed

Specifically, today Clustree collects 15 million profiles - mainly of executives and engineers - from social networks (LinkedIn) and specialized sites (Apec), and aggregates them with data provided by the company on employees’ career paths and careers (evaluations, HR data, etc.). Multiple sourcing which leads to machine learning, and allows for the best matching. And sometimes "to generate a mapping of jobs, as the company has maybe never seen before," says the founder.


The sourcing parameters are not only related to the candidate’s skills. Training, desire for mobility, and “soft skills” are also taken into account. In brief, everything that isn’t shown on a CV... but may speak volumes to a recruiter.

Clustree, which currently employs 4 people including data scientists, is geared to the market of big companies, using a SaaS model and annual billing with recurring access to the tool. The price, however, is secret...

“Clustree is pertinent for companies with 2,000 or more people, because in smaller companies there is less transversality,” says Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, the founder of Clustree and former recruiting consultant.

It estimates France’s market size to be hundreds of millions of euros, excluding subsidiaries located abroad. Its biggest client at the moment remains anonymous, but we only know that it employs "more than 200,000 people.”

When groups and international companies find themselves going through digital transformation, Clustree could prove be an effective solution, at a lower cost in comparison to recruiting expenses and the time spent finding tomorrow’s talent.

Renowned advisors

The Parisian startup has convinced several business angels added to their strong network: Xavier Niel, Frédéric Montagnon, Jean-David Blanc, and others, as well as Alven Capital funds. Bénédicte, who raised funds for the first time, prefers to speak of "smart money," and chose the prestigious advisors to establish visibility with the large accounts it targets. Amount: 600,000 euros raised in two months, but this is just the first step.

One can sense the determination and maturity in the voice of Bénédicte, just 27 years old, which says a lot about her entrepreneurial potential: "We aim to go international, but obviously not with 600,000 euros! A second round will be done in 12 or 18 months to help us launch even further," she says.

Being cautious, for the current time, Bénédicte relies on the ripple effect, made possible with the subsidiaries of its (future) clients, and is supported by the close-knit HR community, which will allow Clustree to take on other markets. It estimates that it will have around twenty clients in its portfolio in 2015.