EBG: Clustree, among the most innovative French startups according to the EBG!

EBG: Clustree, among the most innovative French startups according to the EBG!

We were selected by the Electronic Business Group (EBG) as being among the 100 most promising digital startups!

All sectors of the digital economy were represented in the ranking, including aspects of Big Data and the digitalization of companies, which are the core business of Clustree.

When major groups transition to digital, Clustree helps them in the development of jobs and careers, supporting them in these new challenges thanks to its matching tool.

The analysis of millions of pieces of data about professional career paths of managers and engineers around the world and the development of our own algorithms enable us to identify the gap between the company’s challenges and its current situation.
Then we are able to propose matchings and build internal mobility transversal career paths to support their commitment and transition to these new strategic axes like digital.

“This allows the company to prepare for the future by relying on its employees, to reduce recruitment costs by favoring internal hiring, and also to retain staff by offering various career paths and involving them in managing their careers,” says Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan.

About EBG

EBG is the first digital economy network in France. It has over 600 member companies and 120,000 professionals. Every year, EBG publishes a ranking that lists the 100 best French startups, as determined by EBG’s Open Innovation Committee, which brings leaders of big companies, entrepreneurs, and top investors together.

The TOP 100 startups are chosen based on various criteria, including their ability to "disrupt" balances in their market, the increase in revenues compared to the number of years in existence, the track record of the founder, and their ambition to expand abroad.

On November 19, the founders of these startups will meet more than 800 digital decision-makers from major groups during the Digital Innovation Summit.